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High Upstream Power levels

   DVW326B Cable modem via Cox constant disconnects, at least 10-15 times daily, Cox Tech sub contractor has been out, I've replaced the Modem 4 times now with no results, Researching  this issue I found information stating that 51-54 DbmV is quite high for an Upstream signal power level depending on what channel I'm looking at.. My modem is essentially screaming at the isp and eventually shutting down 

  My downstream seems to be o.k. at -4.7 - -6.0 although it should be 0 Why hasn't Cox detected this in all the times they have looked into my modem connection or the tech when he came out

  I need this resolved immediately

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    @High Upstream power leverls

    The upstream being reported is a bit high although I suspect that's not the only thing going on here. You can see if there are any splitters you can bypass to try and help with. The modem is also reporting that all available wifi channels are unusable due to noise interference. Do you use 2.4Ghz cordless phones or have your own wifi router connected to the Ubee?