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High Upload Latency

I've been dealing with latency issues/ high ping for a few months now, but it was tolerable.  Over the last week however, it has become unbearable.  I have reset both my modem and router, manually set my bandwidth in my router (to eliminate bufferbloat), and disconnected every device except one from my network with no joy.

I now have reset the modem and connected directly to it, and I am still seeing spikes of extremely high latency during upload with a frequency of every 3 to 7 seconds during the beginning of the test, then I can see the latency just climb.

I have the Cisco DPQ3212 issued router, so I cannot look at noise levels.  I was hoping that you could do that and flash any applicable firmware updates as well.

To clarify, the tests that I have run are stream tests, not multi-threaded.  While running a multi-threaded test, the latency is barely noticeable, but this is not a real-world application test.  I have the 60Mb/s 10Mb/s internet plan. 

Any support would be great.  I have a co-worker who lives in another part of town that is having the same issue, and has attempted to troubleshoot with no joy.

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    I did look from this end and the firmware for you modem does appear to be current. Note you may need to use multi-threaded connections to get the most of the provisioned rates.