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High ping, everything taking longer than normal to load

This last week has been noticeably different for internet services and gameplay. Everything takes longer to load and it's difficult to game. My ping on a sever I typically play on has always been around 30ms. But as of this week, today being the worse, it has bounced between 300ms and 600ms. This is also the same for all other game servers. I did a tracert and found the problem to not be between my computer and the modem. It's going out of the modem where the problem is. Has anybody in the Omaha area had the same problem? It's getting very annoying. 

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  • Hello,

    We can look into this issue for you. Please send us an email with your full name, address, and the traceroute to


    Allan - Cox Social Media Support Specialist

  • Last week (I'm in the Phoenix metro area) at about 8pm local time two nights in a row, our pings exceeded 145ms and our top speeds using Ookla's Speedtest and Ookla's Beta Speedtest on a second wired (via cat 6+) connection topped out at 11 MB/sec.  I pay for 100MB/sec.  We use a well-configured ASUS 3100 router (brand new).  I guess Cox was saving the other 89 MB/sec for someone else's rainy day.  I can't begin to tell you how many times my sons have told me that they lost this or that online game because of lag in the system.  Once, I created an AT&T hotspot with my phone and the pings and throughput were actually slightly better than Cox's speeds on a few occasions.

    An IT specialist told me a few months back that when others in my neighborhood are on the Internet, if an area is overserved, since Cox's system is based on an older "token ring" system, that slowdowns are to be expected.  I'm not a networking genius but he made a good argument for Google fiber...which is not serving Phoenix yet as far as I am aware.