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High Data Usage Since Data Cap Announcement

Since the cap was announced my data usage has been exploding, due to no changes in my use habits. When they announced it I got the email saying I should be good to go since I'm not a heavy user. The following billing period, my usage went from 436gb to 859gb, all of my usage seems to have doubled, and this month I am on my way (apparently) to hitting my 1tb cap at 894gb with 4 days left on my cycle. Even last night, I only watched a 1080p netflix show for 4-6 hours (compared to the day before where I spent over 12 hours streaming and gaming) to find that somehow I had used 19gb vs 9gb for the day before! No weird devices on my network, password has been changed. And I am a single person, the only one using the internet...

Anyone else dealing with similar circumstances, dare I say it, shady circumstances and how did you resolve it?