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High Cost to Replace a MiniBox - $ 255

Fact:  Minibox allows Cox to limit pirated cable and charge for each TV hookup.  Also, includes added revenue stream.

Just inquired as to the cost to replace in the event it is lost, stolen or broken - $255 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So the customer rents for countless months, essentially paying to it over time, and then has to pay full price in the event of a mishap.  And you wonder why customers hate Cox.  

AT&T is no better, but will take advantage of their service rebates after 2 yr contract expires.

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    I don't know how you'd lose a Mini Box, but let's assume you lost one.  Cox would have to deactivate it...replace it...update their inventory...update your inventory..."flag" it if an unauthorized user tries to use it...and take action if they detected it.  So, it's not just the cost to's also the cost to update the "paperwork."

    I'm sure if one loyal customer lost one Mini Box, Cox would replace it for free.  But how many could they afford to lose?  What's the magic number?

    Don't hate Cox.  Hate the FCC for not voting to end mandatory rental fees.  Even if they did end the fees, you'd still have to pay the $255.

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    so can you tell me who gives free replacements of lost equipment?