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Heroes & Icons (H&I) is MISSING!

Hey folks,  I just came over from AT&T U-Verse and was extremely disappointed to discover Cox is not carrying H&I channel.  That is one of favorites!! 

Holy Smokes, I never thought to check.

Tell me if Cox is planning on carrying it and please don't give me a pat answer such as 'we'll pass the messages along to our programmers'.

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    We would be happy so submit a channel request for you. They are kept on file and do not expire. Not sure what threshold the request need to get to, but this is one of the main basis we use when adding programming. If you would like to add please email the account name and full service address to

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    I appreciate the submission, I will indeed write

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    What market are you?  Heroes & Icons is channel 813 in Northern Virginia.  It's an SD channel.

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    We're in Oceanside, CA.  It's north county San Diego.  Sadly,  I guess there're  to try not enough complaints coming out of this area.  I'm goingto change that via reaching out in the area via social media.

    Thanks for e info, though.  Glad some markets have it.  That's a good sign.