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Here we go AGAIN!

At the end of May I had upstream issues for 2-3 weeks. You can look up my posts. Problem that it took that long to fix on Cox's end.

Problem returned 3 days ago. Every day now between 2:30 and 3:30 connection goes to ** and I have no upstream. Not even enough to complete a speed test on your own website. This forum took over a minute to load. I had to come back to it twice just to make a post because the connection was non responsive.

Yesterday and day before, 20 minutes after my first call it was listed as an outage. The correction came within 5 to 8 hours, so I really couldn't do a thing for that time period.

Today same thing. So of course Tier 1 does their simple modem reset that I already did and say they aren't seeing anything for an outage. The first guy yesterday that I hung up on even wanted the Mac ID of the modem I've had on here for a year, I guess to make sure I wasn't using an unauthorized modem. DUH.

There is no point in rolling trucks as they always want to do. Issue is clearly not mine, and the modem logs back it up.


I'm not doing this again just a month and a week later after the LAST 3 week outages in May. Someone needs to get their head together at Cox, if this is an issue every day for a couple more days I'm canceling this ** after being a customer for 7 or 8 years. I'm tired of the nonsense.

OH, and last thing, which I mentioned toward the end of May and you said you'd look into it or whatever: YOUR SEARCH FUNCTION ON THIS FORUM COMPLETELY DOES NOT WORK. WTH???

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    As a customer of 3-4 years, ive seen their customer service get worse and worse. They arn't your friend in the digital age anymore. They want to data cap your internet and force overcharging like a phone company does. I'm probably gonna have to change services because of policy changes. 

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    Here we are, 4th day in a row, almost 24 hours within 10 minutes and same issue. I expect an outage to be declared within 30 minutes, just like the last 3 days. Talked to a supervisor yesterday who totally agreed they don't need to be rolling trucks for this issue.

    Call today, the tier 1 guy AGAIN is trying to roll a truck, he was rather insistent even AFTER I explained the last 3 days to him, and I actually hung up on him because it seemed that is the only thing he's trained for. He can't see my modem, again indicating an issue on your side. This is barely working again to post, it took me almost 5 minutes to get through 2 pages to post here.

    Completely unacceptable behavior and performance. So what EXACTLY is happening at the same time of day for 4 days causing this?

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    What area are you in?

    I've had the same issue of extremely slow upload speeds for almost 2 weeks here in Laguna Niguel, Ca. 

    The first tech they sent out was subcontractor who 'checked' my line and said everything looked fine, and that he would pass me up to the next level.

    After another phone call to tech support, Cox sent out a Cox tech this time, who couldn't find my line inside the box, but agreed that there is definitely a signal problem. 

    In the meantime, a quick glance at my bill shows a $55 charge from the first tech who turned the troubleshooting call into an 'installation'. Outrageous! Not only did the guy not install anything, he didn't fix anything either. What a con artist!

    I'm now in touch with a field supervisor who says they're going to fix the problem next week once the work order gets approved.

  • Intermittent issues with internet speed can be incredibly frustrating to deal with, as well as challenging to troubleshoot. When results from the Cox Internet Speed Test are consistently below the speed of the internet tier to which you subscribe, our procedure is to schedule a service call. I know this step may add more frustration, and may even seem pointless, but please know that we need to follow our established procedures in this situation. A service call is a necessary step in the process. If you continue to see slow upload speeds, please email us at

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    How is a service call a "necessary step" if there is an outage declared? Yet the agent was insistent on doing just that when this was an exact duplicate of the last 3 days. With the last few days history (which I did explain to him), one would think he'd suggest to wait a bit and see if there were more calls coming in about it, that maybe an outage hadn't been declared yet. But he got hung up on because he wasn't THINKING and was just blindly sending techs out like they all do. He actually said Well I don't know what you want me to do? I said, I'm calling to TELL YOU there is an exact dupe of this issue for the 4th day in a row at the same time. And he said well I can't really do a lot without sending a tech out. And that's when he got hung up on. I'm sorry but these conversations with your Tier 1 get STUPID fast because they don't THINK. It seems like their catch all is to send a tech whether it's warranted or not.

    Guess what, I've had techs here at LEAST 20 times in the last 3 years. You know how many times the issue was on my premises? NONE.

    I have even bought brand new modems 4 times just to further prove the issues weren't on my side. It was completely unnecessary to do that, and it was my choice, but there was a point being proved, because 95% of the field techs had no clue because they could find nothing wrong. Most didn't even know what they were supposed to look for in a modem log when I showed them a printout and PROVED it wasn't my issue, I had to educate them!

    You know how many times these techs have put on their report that it WAS an issue on my premises and LIED, and I was billed for a service call, then had to backpedal with supervisors on the phone because your field techs lied? FOUR.

    You sure aren't sending me an email telling me there's an outage after I called, didn't happen on any of the days. If I wasn't here checking and waiting for pages to load for 30 seconds to a minute I would not have known the prior 3 days. That's kind of unacceptable for Cox not to notify customers at all when they do declare an outage, especially one they took HOURS to correct on all 3 days. Reminds me of that infernal Mediacom I had when I lived up north.

    Incidentally, yesterday's speed issue only lasted about 20 minutes and it was back to normal. The previous 3 days, an outage was declared within 20 minutes of my call each day and the problem existed for hours.

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    Well. Down again today, same issues as previously stated. I'm waiting on a supervisor, but I wanted to let the public know. I suggest you do like me and downgrade or cancel. I sure am. Enough is enough with inept support and unexplained downtime at exactly same time of day on multiple nodes (as told to me last week by a sup, it is NOT just my node), for hours at a time during prime time of day.

    Edit: I was waiting on hold just now for nearly 15 minutes and no supervisor answered. Again enough is enough.

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    The SAME problems are back since Wednesday. No upstream, within a while of my call there's an "outage" declared that lasts til 10 pm or so, and the problem doesn't disappear.

    I just called support again to let them know. Downdetector indicates hundreds of calls about cox issues in the last hour. Hold time was 15 minutes, further indicating you guys are fielding a lot of trouble calls. Hold times should not be that high at 1 am unless there are some major issues going on.

    Yet they removed the "outage" notice on my account and none is listed. The tech could really tell me nothing.

    These are repetitive issues. I was on the phone twice last week with supervisors who agreed with me that they shouldn't be sending a tech out to my house and that we should just wait and see if they get more calls and declare an outage. And they did. 5 to 7 days in a row last week. The outage notice is removed within 7 to 10 hours, the problem may or may not be okay for a few hours and then it's back again.

    SAME EXACT THING happening NOW. I'm so fed up with Cox I could spit nails. I can go with Century Link here for 40 bucks a month and have reliability instead of paying you bumbling fools 100 bucks a month for this pathetic reliability since the end of May every week.

    And Tiffany, you said:

    "Are you still consistently having trouble with your uploads during those time frames? Have you tried changing the wireless channel in the router settings to ensure it is not a wireless transmit in the same frequency that is causing the issue? "

    I'd like YOU to know that I'm a fairly advanced user and know how cable works and wouldn't make such an elementary mistake as to leave a router connected, OR be dumb enough to try doing all the testing on a wireless and routered connection.

    I mean really, just your response taking four days and the content of this thread indicating several calls to tech should have been enough for your COMMON SENSE to know that I wouldn't be using a wireless connection for all this.

    The time frame at this time has been constant for 24 hours.

    I'd suggest your bumbling engineers look at either correcting these major issues with the CMTS or replace the whole *** thing with one that's reliable, they obviously are trying to band-aid this and it is certainly NOT working.

    There's definitely something wrong there with Modem logs indicating Auth Reject - No Information, the CMTS isn't recognizing my modem and rejecting it, at least temporarily. This would apparently explain the numerous occasions I call and the techs can't "see" my modem. So again, I'm extremely frustrated with the level of support about these upstream issues and imo you need some senior engineers to start looking at that termination system, I think 2 or 3 weeks of constant issues at the end of May, a week of issues last week, and now the SAME issues happening again this week should get someone to get off their collective lazy butts and actually DO something about the root issues here.

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