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Help with email connectivity

I have been extremely frustrated with Cox and their email service and as a last resort I am trying the community forum. I have tried the chat line, spoken to technical support, which is not effective because Cox believes in outsourcing customer support which explains the very bad support. They just don’t care. This is my last try.

Every morning, for the last 1 ½ months I am met with a dialogue box when I attempt to use my email. The dialogue box asks the user to “Enter your user name and password for the following server”. The dialogue box always displays the correct information. Usually, when I check the “Save this password in your password list” box and click Okay and that usually is all that is needed. Occasionally I have to do this during the day as well.

Today, the box continually appears and I go through the motions and by doing this continually, I eventually get all my emails. But, this is a continual process and is still happening.

A similar pattern, like today, appeared last week and I was told by “customer service” that this was a recognized problem, today, and there is a crew working on the server. When I told customer service that this occurs every morning, the response was that the problem will be solved today. At various times I contacted the chat line and received several answers (contact Microsoft because this is their problem, wait for a while and if it doesn’t correct itself then call us back).

If someone can suggest a solution, I would be grateful.

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    I have been having the same issue for the last several weeks.  Some days, like today, it's worse than others.  Finally, emails have been showing up hours or even days late.  That's not an issue with my software.  If I log into Cox email on line, the inbox will be empty, yet emails still show up that are from earlier that day or later.