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I'm not getting a signal on one of my TV's. I can't reset, can't select or anything. a'' the is reads is NO HDMI SIGNAL. So what to do?

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  • Hi Carolyn, please check to see if your HDMI cable is connected to the TV set and the cable box, also check to see if your are on the correct HDMI input on your TV set. For example if your HDMI cable is connected to the TV set on HDMI 1, then your TV mneu should also be set to HDMI 1.

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    Is this a new problem for the TV?  Meaning, did you previously watch Cox on the TV?

    How long do you wait after powering on the TV and cable box?  Your cable box may be rebooting, and while rebooting, your TV is reporting no signal.

    If you cut power to a Mini Box, it'll reboot after powering on again.