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HDMI hub and loss of sound

HI Forum,

I have a Countour 2 Cisco 9865HDC DVR  It connects via HDMI INTO  a Kinivo HDMI hub..Also going INTO the hub  is my Apple TV and my computer.  The hub goes OUT into my 11 yr old  Panasonic Viera TV HDMI port.  On set up all works well.  BUT when the DVR is not working for a long time it comes back up W/O sound.     I thought it might be the sleep function  so I turned that off...NOPE.  I tired swapping out HDMI cords...NOPE.  I CAN fix this problem by rebooting, but obviously I don't want to reboot everytime I turn the TV on.  Any suggestions or ideas what is going on.  The Cisco 9865HDC DVR only has one HDMI out put (boo) and no HDMI inputs so for using the Apple TV my only option is the hub...or a new TV with more HDMI inputs

Any ideas what is at play or other suggestions or similar experiences??????  Thanks

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    I think the first thing I'd try is checking to see if you have the problem with a direct connection to the TV. If you have an extra HDMI port to work with you may be able to try connecting the box to that without disturbing the rest of your setup too much and see if you run into similar problems.