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HDM1 switches off to AV

This has happened twice in the past month: my tv will switch from HDM1 to AV and nothing I do will switch it back. It took two entire days for it finally switched back to HDM1 and I had a signal. Now it just did it again. And every time I call in all Cox wants to do is charge me more money to send some one to my home to "look" at it. I have been a Cox customer for nearly 18 years and I am so fed up with the constant increases in prices, the constant glitches in their equipment and the gouging to fix their created problem.

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    If your TV is switching from HDM1 to AV, why not contact the TV manufacturer?  Sounds like a TV problem, not a Cox cable issue.  What make/model TV do you have?  Not sure how "constant glitches in their equipment" are causing your TV to switch input.  I can see why Cox would charge for a tech to come out if the problem is not with their service/device.

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    James, do you call a plumber when the power goes out in your home?