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HD TV over coaxial cable with MiniBox

I, like many customers have been forced to transition from my basic "wall to tv" cable service to the Cox MiniBox. The MiniBox has worked well enough (despite being a horrible eyesore on my otherwise well organized armoire) while I was using the HDMI output, but I recently acquired an additional peripheral that requires me to now use the Coax option on the MiniBox (the new equipment uses HDMI only, and my tv only has 2 HDMI ports). So now, I am stuck with a 480i signal, despite the fact that I used to receive 1080i HD channels directly from the wall before the transition (over a coax cable, without the box). If I go to the Cox settings menu, it coyly allows me to select the "video output" option under "video/audio" settings, but then DOES NOT LET ME CHANGE IT TO 1080i, the ONLY option is 480i. So Cox has rigged their box to unchangeably default to 480i if you are using a coax connection, even though the coax standard is capable of carrying a 1080i signal flawlessly. I am assuming this is just another "horrible cable company doing horrible things because they're horrible" thing, but if anyone has any idea how to work around this without me having to purchase an additional device to convert HDMI to coax I would certainly appreciate it.

Also, if any Cox representative can give me a logical explanation as to why this problem exists beyond "we love making your life difficult" I would love to hear it, because you have done little to prove otherwise. This is not a hardware limitation, you could easily convert your signal to 1080i compatible with a coax output, but you choose not to, and that is truly aggravating.

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    One logical explanation is price.  Coax could carry an HD signal to your HDTV, but that cheap box...or any cable box...would now have to do more processing for a single wire (the single copper portion in the center of a coax cable), such as modulating, demodulating, compressing, decoding.  HDMI is cheaper because it's simpler as well as cheaper to use its multiple wires.

    One possible solution is an HDMI switch for your components.  You'd connect EVERYTHING to the switch and then only connect the switch to your TV.  Switches come with a remote to select a peripheral.  If your TV has Component connections, another solution would be an HDMI-to-RCA converter.  Another option would be an Audio/Video receiver.

    Whatever you decide, make sure to research any user reviews for its quality.

  • Thank you for your input (pun intended) Bruce. I was very tired and very angry last night when I drew up this post. I am an absolute nutcase when it comes to the simplicity of the things that I use every day, an hdmi switch for me would be out of the question, because I already almost lost my mind when I had to get a second remote for the MiniBox. I know these demands seem a little intense, but when I had basic wall cable, it was like I had found my entertainment symbiosis, then a few months later the MiniBox arrived and threw another remote into the mix, and now the new changes. I'm gonna run the electronics store circuit today to see if I can't find something to convert HDMI to coax (because I am unsure if the traditional AV component will carry HD, and my tv does not have an RGBAV component option). The only reason I have cable is that I cannot get OTA tv in my area via antenna, and the only reason I need my local channels is so my wife can watch the news, the this redundancy tends to compound in a way that drives me to insanity, I want nothing but less, and all I keep getting is more.

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    What new device do you have? Please provide the model numbers for this device and the TV in order to find the best solution.