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hd channels not clear at all

i have a 55" samsung un55ks8500 and my so called HD channels are anything but that.   There is literally zero difference between the non hd channels and the hd channels. Is this due to a bad HD box?   

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  • Hi Skifreek,

    What model box do you have and what cables are connecting the box to the TV?

    Thank you,
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    Could be a faulty box.  You should check the selected Output Formats on your cable box.  I'm not sure of your platform (Rovi or Contour) but you should select all the display formats:  480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i.

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    its the Contour, and its connected to the tv via Samsung HDMI cables. 

  • Check to make sure the output format is set properly as Bruce mentioned. You may also need to check the TV settings as well.

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