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HBO equivalent to Showtime Anytime

I subscribe to both HBO and Showtime.   I have Showtime Anytime on my Android tablet and cell and Roku.

  Live TV is available which is great if your a Boxing fan and don't want to miss a Fight.

Does HBO offer the same type of Live TV that would be available on Amazon FireTV, my cell phone, Roku that streams

live ?   I subscribe to both because I like Boxing and really like Showtime Anytime when I am not home. I have not found

any info on a HBO equivalent that would be included in the cable tv subscription like Showtime Anytime.


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    On another similar matter..  when is COX going to let me watch ALL that I subscribed to on my portable devices

    FireTV, Roku, cell, when I am not Home?  What's available when not home is useless. 


  • I haven't tried to use it for live events, but I have the HBO-Go app on my Android phone.  I thought it allowed live watching, but I'm not 100% sure.

  • KenK,

    To view HBO content on the go, you'd want to use the HBO GO app. Many broadcast stations have apps now. Please see to view a comprehensive list of all apps available with the corresponding subscriptions.

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    Hi Davidoo,

    With the exception of VICE New Tonight, HBO GO doesn't stream live content.