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Having internet issues, modem has HIGH amount of uncorrectables, wired slower than wireless.

Hello, for the past week or so whenever I start using my internet for streaming/gaming at the same time my connection will cut out. I checked my modem levels and I see that I get a lot of uncorrectables on 1 channel of my modem right away and I was wondering what the problem could be and how I could fix it.

My wired connection is also much slower than my wireless connection, wired is stuck at 44mbps as a wireless PC on the other side of the house is getting 150mbps.

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    Looks like a interference issue on one channel. My guess is it's one of the newer channels opened up for the 24channel upgrade and not the main cause of the issue. It wouldn't explain why wired is slower then wireless.

    What modem/router/gateway do you have? Is the same computer faster when wireless vs wired? Or have you tested with multiple wired connections?