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Has Cox Been Hacked

When I try to access my e-mail through, I get diverted to the following website:'s-ring-with-white-topaz-stones?shopfeed=1&s1=04WTPZ&s2=04WTPZ&sku=SS&gclid=CN2zk8n__9YCFQGraQodTaYDew Is this a paid advertisement sponsored by Cox? If so, it is extremely frustrating and lousy customer service. If it isn't, then Cox has been hacked to the point when an advertiser can routinely divert Internet Explorer 11 AND Google Chrome. Which is also extremely frustrating. In either case it would be appreciated if this issue could be addressed.

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    Cox doesn't have the problem. You do. You have malware on your machine that has taken over your browser to serve up advertising. Please clean it up.

    Go here - Install AdwCleaner and Junkware Removal Tool. Follow their instructions. You're machine will then be free of that problem or at least hopefully it will be.


  • This happened to me a few years ago (not on Cox at the time).  It took several different free anti-virus programs to remove it, so if one doesn't work keep trying others.  AVG finally found it and got rid of it .  It was a root-kit virus.  No problems since.