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Guide not working as designed?

I just started with Cox and purchased the Contour 2 with several boxes, etc. Something I've noticed that I'm not happy with (and unlike every other TV provider I know of) is that there is no capability with the Contour 2 to filter the guide and 'only' see channels I pay for. (even though this is supposedly an option according to your support site - Am I missing something in that the option is available but I haven't found it yet? If it's not an option, is there a software update that would provide this? Thanks.

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    Hi Sgnlzero,

    With Contour 2, you can change the guide view by pressing the guide button twice. You can then sort the guide by HD, Favorites, what's trending, movies, sports, and kids.

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    ReneeG, That is a very disingenuous and condescending reply. The OP asked why Cox can't let us see only the channels we're paying for. You flat out failed to respond to the question. I'm a new Cox subscriber and I am also annoyed by this misfeature, since the Guide does not gray out the channels we can't access.

    The very -- VERY -- least you could do would be to acknowledge the OP's question and answer it, not just give some corporate bs that does not address this specific complaint.

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    Steve L,
    It is the only reply they have.  It is a crappy product.  Someone decided to either skip user acceptance testing or just ignored the results.  I just got Contour 2 as well, and wish I had gone to Verizon instead. 

    It takes forever to find what you are looking for (not at all intuitive) and if, while looking, you go down the wrong path, most of the time all you can do is exit out and start all over again. 

    I have spent 25 years doing software design and development, and I would expect to be fired if I ever let anything like their UI out the door.