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Got 85% and 100% 1TB usage warning at the exactly same time?

This is not a complaint of the amount of data allowed per month (1 TB here, not happy about it tho). I did go over the 1 TB amount due to work files.

My complaint is I received two emails at exactly the same time on  Sept 30th at 6:02 PM. One said I have used 85% of my TB usage and another saying I used 100% of my TB usage.

Then on 10/1 at 5:02 I get an email letting me know I used 125% of My TB per month.

It looks like your system polls once a day how much someone uses. It needs to be WAY more accurate to let us know when, say, 85% is actually used so I can slow down, or in this case I could have done more transfers from work.

When I write this I am at 132% with 11 days to go. So I am guessing I will hit 1.5 TB that will be $100 overage. Now I could upgrade but this was a must use case, I usually stay about 400GB per month.

Just not good....Just not good