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google search

What is up with google search ?  has not been working for weeks now and only redirects or puts on an ad.  I have to use alternate search to get  instead of using the one on this site

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  • Hi Mike1649,

    We are aware that the Google search embedded in the website is not functioning correctly. Our web developers are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. In the meantime, we suggest that customers go to to enter your search terms and navigate the web. I'm sorry for the inconvenience today!

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    I have the same problem cox searches are near worthless I will have to figure our how to get back on the Real web and away from cox and or Google. They seem  to send you just about  anything They are  pushing  at the time. This is not what I pay for

  • Hi Tom and Tom,

    Rather than using the Cox search box as your jumping-off point, type a website address directly into the address bar of your internet browser. For example, type in or