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Why can't I forward gmail's to my web mail? I have 2 friends that use gmail & I can't forward either one their e-mails to my web mail.

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  • Hi Chevylover,

    What happens when you forward a message from Gmail to your email account? Do you get a bounce-back message or an error?

    Make sure that your WebMail SpamBlocker settings are not set to "Delete incoming junk email automatically." Choose to "Deliver junk email to the WebMail Spam folder for later review" or "Tag junk email with -- Spam -- in the subject line and deliver to your inbox."

    Within Cox WebMail, do you have any external mail accounts defined? Do you have any filters set up to sort incoming mail into different folders? Do you have any forwarding rules defined? Do you use any of the Advanced Blocking Features within Cox WebMail? You may want to clear and disable all of these settings until we can figure out what's happening.