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Gigablast with Digital Phone

Is there a way to use the fiber connection from my Gigablast service to run my Cox Digital Phone? Currently my digital phone is hooked up via the coax cable connection, and the service seems laggy (takes a few seconds to get a dial tone, as much as 3 seconds). Also, I seem to have to reboot the Cisco DPQ3212 phone modem frequently as some calls go right to voice mail.

I'd like to either

a) find a supported VOIP phone adapter that bridges my home phone lines to the the fiber line, or

b) get the SIP credentials and settings for my Cox service to just go with a real VOIP setup in my home

It seems a shame to use the coax instead of the beautifully fast service through the fiber line. Gigablast is just simply fantastic.

Thank you -

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    I do not think so you need to ask cox to check it out

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    Gigablast is a separate data only network that is designed to run along side the HFC network. As such the HFC network is still used to deliver phone, video, and DOCSIS data services. FYI our phone service is not VOIP but rather a data driven voice product. The main difference there is our phone traffic doesn't use an Internet connection.

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