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Gigablast apparently NEVER going to be available

Got informed today by local Cox Office that there are NO plans for bringing Gigablast to my area as COX is only focusing on NEW neighborhoods. So NEW homes will only get the option for higher data plan and higher speed. So now I am left with what I can get with no option to return my Data Plan back to 2TB either. They just need to return Ultimate Back to 2TB where it was for people that have no chance on getting the faster option Gigablast with 2TB due to COX lack of expanding in other areas. They Should make Gigablast Unlimited like ATT 1g unlimited data to match and Ultimate back to 2TB with roll over data would be fair. Its a shame that there are 1.4gb cable modems out already to prevent the need to running fiber to every home and yet COX won't support that new tech either.

Has there been any updates on COX end to the Data Cap issues? Any new packages that don't take advantage of the monopoly in my area? How about some sort of discount for getting a Second Cable Modem in the same household to compensate perhaps. Thought about getting 2 Ultimate packages and bridging them together but that gets a bit costly and the business option is out as speeds are drastically reduce for a much higher charge.

 Would have been nice if COX at least waived THE DATA LIMIT by adding on other services like Flex which I ended up cancelling due to poor picture quality on the HD channels and no Dolby Digital surround support but would have kept it had they waived the data limit and keep being a beta tester for them til they got it right :). ATT is waiving their data limit for having additional services you would think Cox would model off of that instead. 

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  • Hello,

    Not sure who you spoke with today, but cannot imagine they would know the IT future plant designs.  However this may help you with the data cap concerns. We have been informed that there will be plans offered for all customers that may need more than the 1T currently, as well as some offers that will not have a cap at all.  As a reminder, Cox provides a grace period of two consecutive billing cycles. During the grace period, you receive notifications and information about your data usage, but you won’t be charged for any usage above your data plan.