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Getting full use of cox web mail

I am trying to migrate from using Windows Live email to cox web mail so I can have access to things like sent folders and other subject folders when on a mobile device. I tried to get started and the instructions do not make sense to me. I would like to have my sent emails go to the sent folder (which they don't now) and the instructions sent to log in and make sure you click the radio button for enhanced email. I did not see any radio buttons when I logged in?????? I am just getting started. Any suggestions???

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  • You can change this option inside of either classic webmail or enhanced webmail. In classic webmail, click on the blue settings button and then on the next page click on preferences. From there check the box that says, "By default, save a copy in Sent Mail folder" and click OK. If you ever do want to access the enhanced webmail you can click the logout button inside of classic webmail and you will be taken back to the login screen. There is a radio button for classic or enhanced webmail from there. Once you are logged in you can hover over the email button at the top right and then click on the drop down. From there click on preferences and there is a check box for "Save all outgoing messages to your Sent Mail Folder".

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    BrianM is correct, in settings/preferences you can indicate you want a copy saved in the sent folder but ... Enhanced webmail requires flash.  Most moble browsers don't support flash so enhanced webmail is not available.  The webmail login screen on my iPad doesn't have that option.

    Another method of using a client, like outlook, tbird, etc., is set the account up ad IMAP.  IMAP mirrors the server in the client and will show you all folders webmail will show.

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