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Getting "Connection Refused" in Mozilla Thunderbird IMAP account

I need to maintain two email accounts, the "other" account is at (Google).  I use IMAP, and leave mail on the servers because I don't have all that much disk space. 

Starting around 23-24 July, I started having problems with the gmail account.  Not the issue here, of course. 

Suddenly today (2l July), I get "Connection Refused" in Thunderbird on both accounts.  I'm not even sure how to diagnose the problems. 

TIA for any and all assistance.

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  • Is one of the email accounts you are referring to a Cox Web Mail account? Are you able to access the gmail account through the website directly without using Thunderbird?
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    I've been getting some strange Thunderbird errors the past few weeks, too, with my Cox account:

    mailserver responded FETCH could not complete


    "Unable to save your message as a draft. Sending of the message failed."

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    The only time I ever see Connection Refused is when I go to get my email using Thunderbird and I forget to first go online and get connected.  May not be your answer but it is a situation that produces the identical response you named.