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Get stuck in a loop trying to download the security suite

My husband's laptop is a Win10 device, and I've read all the alerts that say "restart" for internet connectivity. BUT, he IS connected to the internet. It works just fine browsing this and that, BUT when I log in as the primary account holder and try to download McAfee, it says I have to restart before I can download. I've tried it three times today, restarting each time and it doesn't work. Something is wrong somewhere, but it ISN'T his internet connection. The website works fine and even assigns a activation code, but once I tell it to run the .exe file, it hiccups and says I need to restart first. I don't know whether it's a windows issue or a Cox issue. 

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  • Hi MaryAnnH,

    Was a previous version of Cox Security Suite Powered by McAfee (CSS) installed on this PC? If so, have your husband uninstall it, along with any other security software. After uninstalling the old software, restart the PC and try to download/install CSS/McAfee again. Please let us know the result!