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Garbled Info

Twice in the last week, including now, the text on the info panels at the bottom of the screen is garbled. It resembles what would normally be there but it just isn't right. It isn't always on the same box. I started a chat with customer service but they needed the serial numbers and I'm not up to getting those right now. I'll get them later and try the chat again but I thought I'd ask if anyone on the forum knows about this problem. Thanks

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    Hi cindycat44,

    It looks like the guide data got scrambled in the box.  This can be corrected by unplugging the power from the box for 2 minutes and then reconnecting it.  The reboot will refresh the guide data.  Let us know if that fixes the guide.

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    The DVR box was fixed by unplugging, plus I learned something about the reboot. When the TV first came back on, every show had "No information".  Calm down, wait a few all came back correctly. The info on another box was OK but the cast names on the info page were all garbled and surrounded by small rectangles. I fixed one with the unplug but haven't done it yet on the ones that are harder to reach.

    Last night a neighbor mentioned that they'd been having trouble with the garbled text on their Cox Cable shows, too. So it wasn't just ours.  Do you have any idea what causes this?

  • Hi, restarting the cable box as you described will "fix" many minor issues with the DVR's including the guide being scrambled. The guide may become "scrambled" at times when the signals are sent to refresh it. I apologize for the inconvenience.