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Garbage Service and Support

So ever since I moved Cox has been straight **. Took multiple calls and support chat to fix numerous issues and a tech to come out. I live in a smaller house and got this wall to wall fast speed Panoramic. I drop from full bars next room over drops signal heavily as each foot steps away from the modem. Contacted Cox support and got a guy that had a ** attitude and mention that apparently I have to tell the techs and installers how they should do their job. I didn't know with this so called awesome new panoramic you still need a signal booster to get great signal in a 1100 sq ft house lol. Moral of the story look for another internet provider if you can. 

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    I apologize for the experience and would love the opportunity investigate your concern. I completely understand your frustration as sometimes there are situations that are not handled in the best possible way. If you somehow find the willingness to email our team, please send your full address and primary name on the account to

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    I too have the whiz-bang, silver bullet, be-all-and-end-all whole house Panoramic gateway. I also have a particular area of my 1750 sq ft residence (my room, as it happens) where there is a severe 75% loss in WiFi.

    But fear not. Cox has a solution, which I learned during a visit to the local Cox store. For a mere $179 installation fee (plus an additional monthly rental), you too can have the blanket coverage you thought you were already paying for.