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FYI channel

  I am at a total loss about this channel. It used to be the Biography Channel. The name changed to FYI, andCOX decided to package it in a Sports and Information Package. FYI in this case meant "For Your Inspiration"....look at the's not informational, it's entertainment. No idea why it's in the S&I package.

  Anyway, in September, I had suddenly had access to FYI...until the end of October, when I had to unplug my cable box to have new carpeting installed. When I plugged the box back in, FYI was no longer accessible. What gives? I haven't changed my service in several years.

The History Channel, HGTV, and DIY are not on the S&I package, and FYI doesn't belong there either.

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    Hi Tonto7,

    The placement of programming channels such as FYI is dictated by the terms of our agreements with those programmers. What happens when you tune to FYI? Are you getting an error message on the screen?

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      I now get the screen that says I have to contact COX to get access to FYI. I have no interest in anything in the S&I package, except for FYI, and I did get it for about two months, Sept - Oct 2016 without the S&I package.

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    You can visit for more information on programming available in your area along with the subscription requirements. It looks at though FYI is part of our Contour packages.

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    Yes, it is. But it's only in the Sports and Information Package. That's the whole point of this post. Ther's no reason for it to be in that package.

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    FYI has always in the S&i tier in Omaha and the I stands for Information sop why shouldn't be in the S&I pack?

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    I understand that, I just don't understand why FYI is there. Take a look at the programming. It doesn't fit with the other station in your wildest dreams.

    Other stations:

    NFL Network

    251 ESPNU

    252 ESPNEWS
    253 ESPN Classic
    254 NBA TV
    255 FXX
    256 Tennis Channel
    257 Bloomberg Television
    258 Esquire Network
    259 Cox Sports Television
    260 BIO Channel
    261 H2
    262 TVG Network
    263 HRTV - Horse Racing TV
    264 Discovery Channel Fit & Health
    265 DIY Network
    266 NHL Network
    267 Fox Sports 2
    268 FOX Business Network
    269 CBS Sports Network
    271 FOX College Sports - Atlantic
    272 FOX College Sports - Central
    273 FOX College Sports - Pacific
    274 ESPN Goal Line/Buzzer Beater
    1250 NFL Network HD
    1251 ESPNU HD
    1252 ESPN News HD
    1254 NBA TV HD
    1255 FXX HD
    1256 Tennis Channel HD
    1259 CST HD
    1260 BIO Channel HD
    1266 NHL Network HD
    1268 FOX Business HD
    1269 CBS Sports Network HD

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    it's more of a fit now since it's FYI (foryourinfo?