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Frustrating internet

Started getting intermittent problems over a week ago. Broadband up and down. Download speeds of .2 with 30 upload, few minutes later download of up to 60 and upload .2, going back and forth. At night I lose broadband completely around 2am and it comes back up right around 6am. Tech support says its maintenance and planned until December 19th. December 20 still having same issues. Set up an in house tech call, guy comes out, looks at modem and says that's your problem. No tests of any kind. This is the 3rd modem I've had to buy in 9 months. 2 xNetgear CM1000's DOCSIS3.1 cox approved (first one lasted 6 months before constantly resetting itself) (2nd one less than a month), Moved to an Arris SB6190 DOCSIS3.0 cox approved as well. 2 months and its bad?!? 2 modems in a row questionable but 3 I draw the line. I have spent 500 in modems in 9 months. I have a nighthawk x6 3200 which has 0 issues. If the cox tech immediately knows the modem is bad w/o testing anything then why is it approved?! I cannot afford to keep replacing these. Am i forced to rent one on purpose ? Is your maintenance making my modems go bad? Can someone tell me what high powered modem to get that will last ? Please

-Super angry customer who would drop Cox for century link except they *** worse

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  • @Brizzle,

    We can look into this ongoing internet issue for you. Please send us an email with your full address so we can help.


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator.

  • for god sake do NOT rent one. We rented the newest modem/router combo and our speed went from 100gb over the 5 wireless band down to 30 the tech tried everything to get the wireless speed up, even rewired from the pole to the house and their equipment didn't work worth a ***.Went back to my old modem docis 3.0 and a nighthawk 1900 ac router. the speeds went right back to 100+ on the wireless. Now all the speed tests show 100+ but all the webpages even the cox webpage load super slow. but file d/l's are fine. We are thinking about satellite internet. since your right about century link. good luck with your issue.