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Frequent Internet Drops... So frustrated now... HELP!

First off, I just moved to a new place and already on my 3rd Modem!

The first one was about 3 years old Motorola (We used it continuously, without issues in previous residence). When used at new place, noticed the frequent disconnects. Called support, they said i need to replace my modem.

Ok, sure... Bought my 2nd one brand new... Motorola Arris Surfboard SB6121... still dropped frequent intermittent connection continues.

I had a technician come over and he said signals look fine.He checked the cable from the wall to my modem. And the outside line going to my house. The problem is, when he was there, the disconnects did not happen ! He did say, that maybe my modem is bad... And that Cox and Motorola has issues... Ok, fine! I bought the 3rd one....

The 3rd one, a TP-LINK DOCSIS (TC-7610) , is about 2 weeks old. I still get the intermittent disconnects.

No, I don't want to buy another. I am pretty tech savvy (Im a computer programmer) and by now, I believe there really is an issue with Cox line to my house.

Fast forward to a few days ago. I was so pissed off when I found out that I had 1400+ disconnects (Cox Support on phone told me) on a specific day. She thought it could be a power outlet issue. Suggested to use surge protectors. Well I did that. I also had an electrician up our electrical panel... Still disconnects frequently!...

I AM ABOUT TO GIVE UP HERE... Are there any senior technicians in this forum? I can post my modem logs. HELP!



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    Please post your signal levels and modem logs. Be sure to edit out any MAC addresses. My guess is T3's.

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    I'm experiencing the same issue as you are.  Frequent internet drops.  I have a Netgear modem CMD31T and whenever it drops all the lights are on indicating to me that the modem is upstreaming and downstreaming signals.  But when I called phone support, a signal was not detected on their end and thus I went through a process to reset the modem manually.  But despite this the drops still occur.  This happened last year and then was running smoothly without problems until now.  Am getting frustrated like you.