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Frequent disconnections / packet loss

I've had an issue for a long time now where my connection will dump out, or I'll have a nice fat chunk of packet loss causing me to disconnect from games and services I have running. This will happen a couple times in a short period of time, or be absent for a full day or two before returning.

Live Chat isn't technically savvy enough to provide information and only suggest resetting my router, and the tech they sent out wasn't knowledgeable at all, he pointed to my monitor and suggested I call the name on it and they'll reset my connection (ASUS), and was asking questions about who made my computer.

This issue does not reliably replicate,  and I'm not sure what's going on, although it does most frequently happen around this time period.

Anything I can submit or collect to help diagnose what's happening next time I encounter this issue?

my router is a netgear C3000-100NAS

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    Are you dropping packets hardwired or over wifi? Try it hardwired as the N300 you have is prone to wifi interference; specially in higher congested areas such as MDUs and close proximity SFUs. Post your RF levels and error logs from your modem too at