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Frequent connection problems over the past few weeks


At my house we've been experiencing problems with our internet over the past few weeks.  They aren't entirely out of the ordinary as far as the symptoms of cox service we've experienced over the last several years, but it seems like over the past few weeks they've been increasing in frequency.  I hesitate to jump to conclusions or provide anecdotal evidence, but there HAS been some construction in our area over the past few weeks, and Cox trucks were a part of that construction.  It did seem to start around then. 

The problem is that our internet seems to perform intermittently.  As an example- while uploading assignments through an online math lab the process can sometimes take several minutes, and at other times it will go through in a flash.   Same thing with making comments on facebook, or when sending an email, or at times even when accessing common websites such as google or web based email servers.  The point is- it's unpredictable, but the frequency has been increasing enough as of late that it has been noticeable and it has led us to believe that something is not right. 

For diagnostics we've used the Cox speed test,, and pingtest.   What we've found is that our service capability fluctuates pretty massively.  At times d/l speed will register at 13Mbps, then in the next few minutes at 47Mbps.  Sometimes we'll dip all the way down to 7Mbps, or shoot up to 53-55Mbps.  The same goes for our upload capabilities.  Then, at other times we won't even be able to load the speed tests.  Our plan is 50/5.  I expect that some fluctuation is normal, but the range of it and especially the randomness of our ability to even connect to the speedtests is most troubling.   

I'm not really sure where to go from here.  I recognize the vagueness and totally imperfect nature of this post, but I wanted to paint the picture clearly that it is random in nature while increasing in frequency and annoyance.  We've tried all of the Cox listed resets on our routers, and we've also checked settings in our operating systems to ensure our IP settings are correct.  All are good to go.  Please help.   

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    By chance were any of the speeds test you did done using a wired connection?