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Free movies/tv on contour?

Am I missing something here?  When the salesman talked me into signing up for cox contour tv said I had access to lots of free movies and tv on demand.  There are some but not many. When I click on a free movie in the free movie section if brings up ways to watch.  Most it says free Netflix, rent 2.99/buy x.xx.  That is not free!  If I wanted to watch on Netflix I wouldn't be paying a lot more for cox.

Or is there a Netflix account included with my Cox subscription?

Really if you say free, then I should be able to click and watch. Not click, sign up for other service, pay fees and watch. That is not free in any way shape or form.

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  • Once you are under the free movies section, you can scroll up and change the filter to "free to me". This should only show you movies that are free with your actual subscription. You are seeing the other titles since they are technically free with subscription to the specific channel that is providing the content. Netflix does not come with your Cox subscription, this is just there as an easier way to access your personal Netflix subscription if you have one. It will allow you to use the voice search to browse through Netflix titles as well.

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  • So I did that.  Went to filters and selected free to me.

    Then scrolled down and clicked on How the Grinch stole Christmas.  Only free if you have a netflix account.  Try this on other movies and same results.  A few were actually free but most require a rental fee or some other payed service.  Very disappointing.

    So sad.  Should educate the sales associates to inform customers to get the most out of contour to subscribe other pay services.  I got rid of all them pay services to have cox in my house and now more restricted than before.  The bright side is no contracts so I can reverse everything.

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    I checked the On Demand list and there are a lot of free to me movies there. How are you accessing the free movies? Please try speaking into your remote & saying "Freebird". This movie is free & I would like to see if comes up for you. I do have the free to me feature turned on as well. Let me know if this works for you.