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Fox News Channel has no sound but a headphones icon

parents have mini-box that feeds tv via hdmi.  Ch 63 (Fox News) has no sound, but all other channels do have sound.  When you first select a channel there is an info box that displays the title, channel number, etc.  of the current channel.  This title bar has a mini icon of a headset on ch 63...(the other channels do not have this icon).  How do we restore sound?  We reset the mini box and also hit "restore defaults" to the cox audio menus but no luck.

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    Hi LAJAMC,

    Are you experiencing this issue on other channels as well? I recommend checking the settings menu to ensure that the SAP settings is turned off or disabled.

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    Thanks, LAJAMC.  If you have already checked and confirmed the receiver's SAP settings are off, please consider accessing the TV menu settings next. Also, the headphones usually refer to a setting for external speakers. It may not affect many channels but if SAP is available on the specific channel/programming, it may be susceptible to that setting kicking in as well. 

    Erica W. 

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