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Fox 5 weather channel 125

The fox 5 weather channel seems to have "Bounce TV" on it for several days.  Called Cox and learned there were several complaints.  But nothing has been fixed or explained.  What is going on?  Are we going to get it back or will it be moved to another channel?

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  • Hi lvcabebe,

    KVVU replaced Fox 5 Weather with Bounce TV on channel 125 on December 1st, 2016. I apologize for all of the confusion!

  • where is the weather channel?  125 is now Bounce channel ,  Most aggravating ,

  • Channel 125 is a digital substation of KVVU. KVVU has chosen to replace the FOX5 Weather feed with Bounce TV programming. FOX5 offers a weather app for iPhone and Android mobile devices, as well as text alerts. Get more info regarding the FOX5 Weather 24/7 app at

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    just found out that the contact is up for the fox weather and they are trying to get it back this is the only place you can get weather 24 hr. a day for updates as to what's going on with weather, it's really bad that Cox's could not tell us this until now and that they seamed to be hiding this from it's customers. Even the TV help line was not sure this is what's going on because they didn't have the information until today it looks like they don't care what the customer thinks or have the right to know what's going with our TV line up and anything they wish to broad cast we should be happy to get. Just very tired of the BIG Brother BS that we the customer know nothing and should be quite an take what they give us.
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    Why rant here? Cox can't re-transmit something that isn't being broadcast. The decision was made by KVVU to stop broadcasting it, take the fight to them. Nobody from KVVU will see anything posted here.