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Forwarding Phishing E-mails

I received a phishing e-mail, so I searched your site to find an address to forward it to and found one - However, when I tried forwarding the e-mail, it wouldn't send because "This message has been found to be a potential spam message, and has therefore been blocked."

You never fail to amaze me with your ignorance.

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    Hi, Ralphenry. I regret the difficulty that meant for you. It is important that the information from Webmail, and that it is sent as an attachment. If that is the way that failed, please send the information to us, in that manner at I have included the specific steps just in case. 

    In a web browser, go to and sign in using your User ID and Password.

    2.Click on the email that you want to forward as an attachment.
    3.Click on the More Options icon on the upper right of the email, then click Save as file to save the email to your computer.
    4.Click Compose, then enter the recipient's email address in the To field, and add any comments in the body of the message.
    5.Click Attachments, locate the saved email on your computer, then click Open.
    6.Click Send.

    Erica W.

    Cox Forum  Moderator

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    I don't use webmail, I use POP3 for incoming mail with my email client, so by the time I see a phishing email it has already been deleted from the Cox email server. I have had the same problem when trying to forward a phishing email to You need to implement a system that bypasses the outbound spam blocker for email going to this address, as well as for email going to and

    I understand the desire to minimize spam, but outbound spam blocking is making it impossible to combat spam by reporting it to Cox or to the spam reporting services such as SpamCop and Knujon.

    Dale H. Cook, Contract IT Administrator, Roanoke/Lynchburg, VA

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    If you're sending these from an email client they may be sent as attachments to new emails to those respective addresses. By sending them as attachments the headers are preserved and can be analyzed for processing.

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    All of my folders are empty at, so never mind about my forwarding the e-mail issue, which is what I attempted to do because, who in their right mind would go through all those steps to forward an e-mail when there's a "Forward" button readily available?

    Now, I would like you to tell me how to get this stupid thing out of my queue so it quits trying to send, and ultimately failing, every time I check my e-mail.

    Keep in mind, all of my folders at are empty.

    Also, I didn't get any e-mail replies to my post even though I had the box checked. Probably stuck in the queue.

  • Hi Ralphenry,

    Log into your email from and click on the Drafts folder. Is the "stuck" outgoing message in the Drafts folder? If so, put a checkmark in the box next to the message and then click the Delete button. Are you able to delete the message successfully?

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    There is no Drafts folder in my webmail, only Inbox, Sent Mail, Deleted Messages, Sent Messages and Trash. There is a Manage Folders button, however, which contains the following folders: Inbox, Sent Mail, Deleted Messages, Sent Messages and Trash.

    So, to answer your question... no.

    Edit: After I posted this reply, I asked the internet, and the internet got it right on the first try. The e-mail is gone from my queue now. The internet is a fantastic resource for any and all solutions you seek. I would highly recommend it.