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forwarding emails

I got a email from a car rental agency with the reservation number and dates and times on it, I tried forwarding it to my son and he never got it, so I went home and tried forwarding it to my other email address, I got the email, but it has nothing except the subject, none of the information forwarded. this has happened many times using cox, a lot of times I have to go to work and copy and paste the information and send it from my work computer, why is this happening, when you open up your email you received, you should just be able to forward to anyone you want, even if their is a attachment, and it never works on cox web Marie

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    If the email contains primarily graphical content it won't forward correctly via webmail. This is due to a limitation with how web based email systems function. Also if you're using your Address Book to lookup addresses when forwarding be sure to access it by click the To/Cc/Bcc links instead of the Addresses button.