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Forward Email Gives 4.2.0 Internal Queueing Error


Email does not forward but can forward manually after seeing error. This is a recent phenomenon (last two days ~ have not had this issue in the past)

iMac OSX 10.11.6

Thunderbird Email Client 45.8.0

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  • To add... I have heard that Cox has farmed out their email service/servers ~ whom do I contact to rectify this issue?

  • Tiffany... this is occurring from two different accounts with different email addresses and logins... it happens both ways ~ when sending an email and when processing an email for forwarding via Thunderbird "Message Filters". Also, this is occurring via Pop accounts and IMAP accounts.

    We have not tried Webmail to see if this is occurring. Cox's Webmail is not a viable alternative for us (Webmail is way too slow for all the email that we process).

    Very frustrating as we now have to babysit the email client as potential critical emails will not forward offsite unattended .

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    Do you have anything stuck in the Outbox folders?  If so, please empty the folder and try to send or forward an email again.

    I understand that the Cox Webmail is not something you use, but we want to determine if there are any sending issues when sending from the website.  If you get the chance, please try logging in to your email on the website and let us know if you experience any sending problems. Thanks.

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    It appears that this has been corrected.


  • johnpd

    Thank you for letting us know. You can reach out here 7 days a week if you need further assistance or come across anymore issues. Have a nice evening!

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