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Fix your POP servers (again)!

Yet again we are unable to authenticate to your POP servers, which as you can imagine, is extremely frustrating as we now have to use a web browser to check for important emails.  Best part is the issue is only affecting one of my three accounts so no, it is not an Outlook client issue.  Also, while your fixing things, can you stop by and correct the sudden packet loss issues that popped up this past week please?  I have seen 3 trucks in my neighborhood since your 5 hour outage and the performance is only marginally better.

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  • Does anyone know how long the email servers are going to continue to have problems?  I spoke with support earlier and they said it has been a problem since Thursday and that they are currently working on it.  8 hours later it is still down.  I don't know about anybody else, but email it pretty important to me and these outages seem to be recurring more frequently.

  • Hi SteveKinner,

    We're currently experiencing an outage that may affect customers ability to send/receive, download through a mail client, or log into Webmail. We're working as quickly as possible to resolve. We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience.

    Thank you,
  • Well, it worked for a while last night, but once again this morning can't send mail even to myself

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    The outage hasn't been completely cleared you may experience intermittent issues with the email server until it's completely clear which we have no ETA. We truly apologize and thanks for your patience once again.