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Field Tech for T3 timeouts?

I've work in networking for 11 years, doing everything for working the Tier 3 help desk at Time Warner, to supporting network and internet services for fortune 500s.  Currently I am a lead at TP-Link.  In my years I have never had a field tech know how to fix a T3 timeout.  But guess what that is what Cox is saying that I need to do.  More than likely it will be a contractor who gets paid per job and has no clue as to what he is doing.  This is a ridiculous waste of time.  I called back and spoke to Tier 2, who said that they didn't see any errors on their end, although Tier 1 did.  They said that Tier 1 didn't know how to read the system.  Told me that a field tech as to come out before Maintenance can be sent to the node.  I offered to send the logs of my modem but was told they can't take them.  I swear if this tech tried to say it's my equipment I am going to go through the roof.  Their is no way my modem or router for that matter are causing a service level issue.  

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  • Tech showed up and read my notes, explaining all I already did.  Did some test and guess what found a plant issue.  So lets see where this goes from here.  Also found the coaxial cable inside the jack was installed in a knot......I don't know who the installer was but seriously who does that?  Anyways on the way to being fixed, hopefully 

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    It normally takes 24 hours for the maintenance ticket to show up in our systems once submitted. Please email us at full address and primary name on the account if you like for us to keep you updated.