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Favorite channels duplicated in SD & HD


Whenever I favorite an HD channel, the SD channel also becomes favorited. So, whenever I'm cycling through my favorite channels using the FAV button on my Cox remote, the TV cycles through the SD channels...and as I continue pressing, if finally gets to the duplicate HD channels to cycle through.

In other words, if I've used the FAV button to temporarily favorite 5 channels for the night to cycle through, I have cycle through 10 channels, both the SD & HD ones.

This didn't occur in all the years I've done this and is a recent development in the past couple months or so. How do I fix this?

Cable box is currently the Scientific Atlanta Explorer 4240HDC using Rovi. 

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  • Hi Neuro2015,

    What you've described is a known issue when the Rovi HD Auto-Tune setting on the 4240HDC is enabled. When you tune to a Standard Definition (SD) channel, the HD Auto-Tune feature automatically tunes to the High Definition (HD) version of that channel (if available).

    To fix this, we simply need to disable the HD Auto-Tune. Press the Settings button on your Cox remote, and then press the A button for More Settings. Under the "My Preferences" menu heading, scroll down and highlight "Auto-Tune to HD" and press Select. Use the Up arrow on your remote to highlight "Disable" and then press Select. Press Exit to exit the Settings menu.

    Please let us know if this helps!