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Fake E-Mail

From: Cox Communications, Inc. Got this in my E-Mail and am sure its not from Cox made the mistake of opening it .this is what I received. Am I in Any danger? From: Cox Communications, Inc. javascript:addContact('/do/mail/message/addMultipleContacts?recipient=from', 'INBOXDELIM46401');javascript:addContact('/do/mail/message/addMultipleContacts?recipient=from', 'INBOXDELIM46401');javascript:updateMultipleSenders('/do/mail/message/blockSenders?dummy=1','INBOXDELIM46401');javascript:updateMultipleSenders('/do/mail/message/blockSenders?dummy=1','INBOXDELIM46401');

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    @Got a fake E-Mail

    From what you have posted here so far it's not quite clear what is going on here. If you think an email may be a phishing attempt you can forward it as an attachment to for investigation. -Chris