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Failing Service

Why can't COX accept the FACT that their equipment is the source of ALL the problems I'm experiencing ? ? ? I have done EVERYTHING I can to correct the problem, I've even changed cable boxes with NO positive results and TODAY even MORE channels are UNAVAILABLE. It's TIME for COX to accept responsibility for their FAILURES and send someone to the CABLE distribution hub and FIX IT ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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  • jtuttle11

    This sounds like a cable signal issue. I can see that the modem is online just fine but that good signal isn't getting to the mini-boxes. I'd like to send a field tech out to see what the problem is and get things resolved. We can work out any fees that you may be charged for the visit. Please send an email with which day of the week you'd be available to:

    Stephanie S.
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