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Extremely Slow Download Speeds (Less than 0.5Mbps)


I have been paying for the 150Mbps Internet package from Cox for over 2 years now with generally very good speeds of ~90Mpbs download and 50Mbps upload. However in the past week my download speed has dropped to 0.5 to 3 Mbps. Modem/router resets returns the speed to ~20Mbps for about a minute.

I am using a Linksys E1000 with no trouble for the past two years until now.

I've tried doing a factory reset of the router without much luck. I have also tried turning off WMM, switching channels and channel widths without any luck.

Changing the network mode from "Mixed" to "Wireless-G Only" improved the speed to a stable ~4 Mbps.

Throughout all this the upload speed is still sitting at a comfortable ~30-40 Mbps.

Any help on this would be very much appreciated.

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Edit more information: these speeds are when using a wired connection to the router. When using wireless, the speed drops back down to ~1Mbps. When connecting directly to the modem I get the normal speeds of 70+ Mbps.

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    From this end it appears the router does not have a gigabit Ethernet port which will limit your speeds to a theoretical max of 95Mbps although actual speeds will likely be lower. I'd suggest first testing with a gigabit Ethernet enabled device connected directly to the modem and see what your speeds look like that way.