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Extremely Rude Customer Service

I called cox to talk about changing providers as the price is too high. I have been with Cox for 29 years. The girl on the phone called me elderly and implied that the other services were taking advantage of me due to my age.

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Posted: 26 Oct 2015
Post Subject: Extremely Rude Customer Service
Post author: Vikas

I recently moved from Century Link to Cox thinking I would really get fast internet service. But My COX service started out with lot of issues.

I am okay with the issues that I faced, however my problem really was how rude your employees are towards their customers. 

Long Story short, I was dealing with some issue which was due to line congestion on COX side that could have been treated with a certain "Modem Upgrade".  

But I had to suffer 4 days of extremely slow internet service to start with and made me almost cancel my connection.

I asked your tech support to transfer me to loyalty department.  At the department when I asked to cancel my service they hung up on my face once. 

And later when I calmed down and realized I did not want to cancel just about yet due to not much other options for the internet, I asked the loyalty department to consider lowering my bill to slower internet since they were not giving me the speed they promised and the technicians visited my site twice and could not fix the issue.

To this your employee on phone answered me that "Customers take advantage of us and we could not lower bill". and almost accused me of trying to rip him off. Well it was not true. I decided to go to complain about executives at the Cox Store in Santan Village Gilbert AZ. The employee helped me fix the issue over there however when I wanted to complain about the executives he answered me "I already heard all your issues, there is no point you repeating all of that to me". I really have grievances and your employees at the store not only were not prepared to listen to my complains but were also rude about it. 

Is this how you treat all of your customers? Is it really right to treat your customers this poorly?

Sooner I get a better option for cable internet I will switch in a couple of months. I cant deal with all this rudeness