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Extremely disappointed in the new data cap and data meter

  When I signed up for internet I did so because the Internet would be fast and plentiful. Now with a cap of 1TB, I have to cut down from 1600 to 1000 or get charged 10 dollars per 50MB I go over. How is it fair to get charged 2 and 1/2 times more for something like that?

Plus the data meter is only updated every few days. How am I supposed to keep track of usage like that. Here it is the 15th and my meter still says it updated on the 13th. I'm not happy and if my loyalty to Cox is that under-appreciated, I guess it will be understandable when I switch to a competitor like Google Fiber. 

Lets face it. This is just a greedy money grab and there's no reason. There's no such thing as Internet congestion. 

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    I'll be sure to pass your feedback along to our product team. If you find yourself consistently needing more than the 1TB/mo. data allowance you may want to explore our Cox Business Services product offerings as they may options to better fit your service needs.

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    I 100% agree with everything you said and wanted to add a couple things.  For the higher cost tiers, I'd say the top 2 tiers should be set at a very minimum of 2TB.  You gotta understand that in this day and age things like PS4/XB1 games can be 50GB+ and in my house we have 2 of each so when I download a new game if I buy it digitally which I do prefer, I could use up over 100GB in 1 day downloading that new game to both consoles.  That's over 1/10th of our monthly allotment, so that's crazy that we are restricted to 1TB/mo.  *** there are some months usually around Thanksgiving/Xmas time that I may buy 4-5 new games in a 2 week period, so I'll definitely go over those months.  

    With that said, I'd be ok if they were more realistic about the overages in that they charged an extra $15 per 1TB, but $15 per 50GB hahahaahhaahahahahah seriously!?!?  That's completely absurd and laughable and they know it.  I'm going to see how we do this month being the first month this is in effect here but I just checked our first day of the period usage yesterday and it said we used 26GB.  All that was done yesterday was my kids watched some Youtube and a few The Office eps on Netflix, this was a very slow/low use day in my household.  If we did that exact amount over this next month we'll hit 780GB, so I can tell you with certainty we are going to go over the 1TB every month for sure.  I'm going to have to cancel our TV service to make up cost in overages.

    We have 2 fiber providers working their way around our city now so all they are going to do is drive most of those customers away here very shortly, such a horrible business decision they are making with this cap.