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Extreme tiling when watching premium HD channels.

I get tiling on two of our boxes when there happen to be 3 or 4 of them on at once (worse when it's two DVR boxes). This has happened for some time where it would tile out and correct in a decent amount of time, but I absolutely lost it this past weekend. It happens most notably on HBOHD and happened for over a minute. I've called and complained about this in the past and they sent a tech out to check the lines, and it turned out there was a line that was bad, a company came out and fixed it and that helped it, but didn't alleviate it. I've had the techs reset the boxes, and I've even cleared the memory (7 up/7 down) on it and it still happens. It's increasingly frustrating, I miss the punch line in jokes or the jokes entirely all due to the tiling happens to such a degree like I've got satellite in a hurricane. It also happens on Fox Sports Oklahoma (during football & basketball games, even on the replays hours later).

It's forced me to watch the channels in non-HD on an HD box because the tiling isn't as bad - yes it doesn't even fully go away on the non-HD channels.

I look to you for an answer. Please assist in this matter.

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  • Hello dropkickmeelmo,

    This is indeed interesting that the tiling occurs more frequent as more receivers are on. Is there an amplifier or splitter inside the home that was installed by a Cox technician? A reset wouldn't fix tiling, so we may need to reserve a technician appointment to diagnose where the tiling is coming from and get to the bottom of a solution. If intermittent, then this could make it more difficult. Is this happening throughout the day or during a particular time? We can reserve a technician for you. You may contact Cox, or email us at with your service address and name. You may also include a copy of the link of this forums in your email.

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    About 5 years back I had tiling that drove me up the wall.

    I had a new cable run put in and got rid of barrel connections---

    Plus the more you split a line the lower the signal.

    Cox did the amplifier deal and still no go.

    Cox never could fix the problem.

    Problem solved this way.

    Upgraded to new Contour 2 boxes and had cox rewire.

    The tiling would happen when ever. Thus no one could fix it. 

  • Well as fate would have it, my previously occupied time coupled with intent in replying to this tonight or tomorrow morning came in handy this week. On the sole two and a half hours of television I've watched in the past week, I managed to grab a "little" video of the issue at hand. FIVE significant* moments where the tiling made the show(s) absolutely unwatchable. Aliens could have landed and I would have had zero clue. All of this within a span of two hours, the majority of the moments coming within one 30 minute program.

    Now I realize that this is more than likely not going to help in diagnosing the issue, but perhaps you can begin to grasp my absolutely maddening frustration to pull a Jack Torrance and put an axe through the cable box. If you guys have a "file drop" I'll gladly drop the videos in there and you can judge for yourself. If not, I'll put them in my Dropbox or give you a log-in for a server to get them. I am very serious, I want you guys to see this and: 1. Ask yourself if you'd put up with this, & 2. Justify us having to pay for ANY of our premium services/channels we get/have gotten for the past half decade.

    Now as far as splitters, yes there is one in the living room, and I believe one in an office, but both are currently going to nothing (I drag a TV & box out there during football season for the living room one). And as far as an amplifier goes I am not entirely sure, but I believe there is not one installed.  The problem is most notably (and annoyingly) on Sunday nights on the premium HD channels (HBO, Showtime, Starz, etc.). This has happened for years, and if a remedy cannot be done, I am afraid we're going to have to look into other providers. *** at this point I wouldn't notice the difference in tiling due to storms or whatever causes the current malady. 

    *Significant as to noting that I have not an idea of either the tone of the dialogue/delivery, etc or any idea as to what is going on. On longer shows I can generally piece everything together, but when it's on a shorter program, I find myself having to either look up as to what was said or watch the program again.

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    It sounds like there are some signal issues that would require more attention and troubleshooting than we can offer you online. We can setup a tech appointment to have someone come out so we can get this fixed. Please email us at for further assistance.