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Extend recording time

When we recently switched to COX contour TV we were unaware that you could not manually extend a recording any longer than 30 minutes. With our previous provider you could manually extend recording time to up to 3 hours (in 1/2 hour increments). Sporting events are our issue. We read that there is a Contour setting so that the program will continue to record until completed. That did not work in game 5 of the NBA finals and we missed the awards presentations. Just now it quit recording the PGA tournament that was ready for sudden death play off. Any suggestions to set recordings to capture entire programs? Does COX plan on offering manual extensions to at least their competitors length? Seems like an easy programming update.  

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  • Hi Dog Walker,

    It sounds like you have a Contour 2 receiver. Is that correct? Contour 2 allows you to schedule recordings to end up to 1, 5, or 30 minutes late. For events in the Guide listed as LIVE, the options are 30, 60, or 90 minutes late.

    Recordings of some live sporting events will be extended automatically for overtime or extra innings. Recording End Time is preset to Auto-Extend for the following leagues: MLB, NASCAR, NBA, NCAA Men's Football and Basketball, NFL, NHL games, and select professional soccer league matches.

    In what city and state do you live? I'm happy to submit a feature request on your behalf so our developers know customers want more recording end-time options.