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experiences good or bad with Right Angle F-Type (coax) adapters?

Partly because of the shallow shelves we bought to rest our Cox cable boxes on, and now mainly to reduce potential cable strain from the straight plugs used in the initial installation I purchased a 5-pack of right angle adapters from Amazon (

Before I went and plugged them all in I thought it might be a good idea to canvass the users here to learn what, if any, negative or less-than-satisfactory results they encountered. Mainly, I've got my fingers crossed that there won't be any slight, noticeable or unacceptable degradation of signal when using them.

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    It's got 4.6 of 5 Stars from 671 reviews, so it must be okay.  However, at a buck apiece, I wouldn't expect too much from them.  Don't use too many in the signal path.  If you need one for your cable box, use one.  If it breaks, you've got another 4 as backup.