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Ethernet Switch

I have the Cox Netgear AC1900 C6300 and need to add a couple of 5 port ethernet switches to it.  Wondering which one to use or at least what speed.

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    You want a gigabit switch, many to choose from and not too expensive.  Check out the reviews on a site like Newegg, they have a bunch of 8 port switched rated 5/5 eggs for around $40+-.

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    If you are going to need to add multiple switches, it all depends on how.  IE if you want to run a drop to a/many room(s), and split there?  Several smaller switches at where each drop terminates is preferred.  If you have them all in the same room?  One larger multi-port (4,8,16,24,48) is preferred.

    Don't get a managed switch unless you feel the need to program it, unmanaged is usually more than powerful enough for home use.  If you are going to use Power over Ethernet (IP Cameras, access points etc) make sure you buy a switch with that capability.

    Vendor?  Any of the standard vendors work, netgear/dlink/belkin are common in SOHO applications.